FUTEC - H2O Restaurant & Cafe

Ideal for Full Service Table & Restaurants
Fine Dining, Coffee Shops, Cafés, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Italian, Barbeque, Dine-In, To-Go

Ideal for Quick Service & Fast Food Restaurants
Counter Service, Seated, Carry-Out, Delivery.

H2O Features:
- Bi –Lingual Arabic English - Multi currency system and conversion
- Multi POS in one place
- Multi Branch 
- Multi user system with security features
- Easy Cashier menus can learn within 60 Seconds - Unlimited menu type identification
- Three further Subcategories to each menu type - Unlimited number of Menu items
- Choose from over than 100 reports - Inventory control, Vendor Purchasing,
- Menu Costing, Recipe Costing, - Labor Time-Keeping
- Unlimited number of Menu Type, unlimited menu category per menu types and up to 4 levels of categories with unlimited items per category which give you the ability to create thousands of items - 1 to unlimited kitchen printers, with ability to print several categories on one printer
- Cashier access and ease of use:
* Fast payment buttons * Split checks
* Transfer checks * Add items to checks
* Delete items from checks * Payment through cash, credit cards and credit
* Currency conversion * Add unlimited flavors according to customers taste
* Cashier close with a touch of a button
- Single Click End-of-Day Closing - Customize your own tables layout and reserve, open, merge, split, close tables with status color
- Link waiter to table and follow up waiter performance - Delivery system with customers address and details linked to caller ID system,
- Designating each order with delivery person/car - Mobile waiter order taking with full menu control

Back office:
- Track your inventory in all stores - Track cashiers
- Identify your units of measurements - Setup item component bill of materials to track menu and recipe food costs
- Setup packaging and disposables addition to recipe cost - Special offers and meal grouping
- Branch monitor and control center

Branches, central kitchen, warehouse management: 
- Track sales and inventory in all stores - Central kitchen manufacturing, gives current cost of manufactures products with waste monitor
- Identify special offers in any or all restaurants - Branch request for replenishment from central kitchens and warehouses
- Identify new items and prices for some or all branches - Stock count according to item type and periodical count settings, with auto adjust
- Franchise full management including items sales to franchise, and sales volume of each franchise branch

Variety of useful reports which include: Sales according to day, period, waiter, time, month, certain condition like weather, items and products. Product reports, Cost reports service, delivery charge reports and Tax reports.
Very distinguished dynamic reports giving the manager the opportunity to create his own report.