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PC STORES Company was established in 1998. PC STORES is dedicating to providing solutions to information technology application. With advantages in technology, products and professional staff.

PC STORES is a professional IT company which provides services to customers in all sectors such as: Factories and corporations, Construction, Banking and finance, Educational, Insurance, Health, Private and Public Sectors.

PC STORES believes in quality and has always looked for products from the leader hardware manufacturers. We have provided our customers with Hundreds of high quality Products.


  • Defining Material Through (Touch Screen , Barcode , Article Number, or through the list of active items)
  • End The Sale Invoice Directly (With the printing , without printing , without printing )
  • Search for an item by (name , number , group)
  • Increase and Decrease The Number of Product Quantity without the need to re-read the barcode several times
  • Adding active items through direct selection (Active List)
  • The possibility of reprint an invoice (Showing the word copy)
  • Control enter the quantity either integer or fractional number
  • The system contains protection and give authorization
  • The possibility of working cash bills or debit bills
  • Payment through credit cards such as master card , visa card
  • The system ability to apply time shift
  • The possibility of putting of an invoice in wait status
  • The possibility of payment expenses for cashiers screen
  • Company information
  • Show cash value for one or several POS
  • Screen for open / close POS
  • Inquire about sales invoices debit invoices
  • Possibility issue special offers
  • Defined group its an sub-group sequentially & infinitely
  • Defining the item with details
  • Barcode Printing
  • The Possibility of making discount on any or all items
  • Defining active groups and items
  • Defining properties of barcode reader
  • Defining important clients and discounts rates
  • Barcode printing for VIP customers
  • Material costing
  • Expenses (Expenses Definition , Entering Daily Expenses)
  • Give authority by user
  • Database management (Backup / Restore)
  • Attach P.O.S with a certain warehouse
  • Warehouse (in/out/transfer/vouchers)
  • The possibility data to export word & excel
  • Sales reports (Today , Between , the two dates , cashier , returned bills , customer payments)
  • Warehouse reports inventory quantity & cost
  • Monthly tax reports based on the tax rate on the product
  • Reports for inventory current quantities
  • Reports for items searching minimum quantity
  • Report cost of goods in warehouse

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