FUTEC – H2O Warehouse Management System

Futec-H2o is a powerful, feature-rich and easy to use solution for warehouse management business. It is designed to automate and improve the warehouse cycle efficiency and reliability that governs and monitor all items, including full warehouse management that eliminates the need for paper-based reconciliation and data entry.

Futec-H2O consists of efficient, reliable, and user-friendly system components. Over the years, Futec-H2O has been evolved into a feature rich solution that covers most needs and scenarios within the warehouse business cycle. Moreover, flexibility was designed into the software to allow for meeting the individual needs of any company. In fact, one of the most important differentiating advantages of Futec-H2O is the ease of modifications which can be made to its standard features.
The existence of such solution within a company, allows better visibility to the current activities happening in the various warehouses. Futec-H2O even allows for real time operation from checking the status of the available stock through data communication and replication. Whether operated online or offline, the capturing of various transactions greatly improves the availability of parts in the right cost at the right time, reduces the need to have to purchase the needed product in higher priced locations.

Futec H2O mobile application compliments the system which allows users to operate all needed vouchers with bar-coded products and parts which eliminates human errors completely.

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